Hola! I am Michelle, the founder and CEO of Afro Expats. As an expat mentor, travel insider, travel curator, and relocation consultant with a background in management, customer service, public relations and entrepreneurship, I help people confidently navigate their visits as well as temporary or permanent moves to San Miguel de Allende. In a nutshell, if you are interested in shaking things up but you are not sure how to make your transition into international living or long-term travel easier, I’m here to help!


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Over the last 25+ years I have been to more than 33 countries. In 2018 I moved to Mexico full time! I guess you can say I have a passion for other cultures and seeing the world, however, as easy as it is to say I love to travel and live abroad, in reality I could not have managed each transition without extensive research and help from other travelers in the area. Something I learned years ago is that seeking the guidance of others who know what they are doing is KEY to leaving the feelings of overwhelm behind. 


I know exactly what it takes to move or travel to Mexico - more specifically San Miguel de Allende. So, stick with me because you’re going to like how simple this process can be! I hope with Afro Expats you find the encouragement and clarity to leave the U.S. and pursue the new home you dream of establishing in Mexico!

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The time has come for me to make it happen. When I started my research, I wasn’t quite sure where in Mexico I wanted to live. I knew what I liked, so that sent me to several websites searching. I came across Michelle’s site. Just by reading Michelle’s webpage, I knew San Miguel De Allende was the place for us. 


When I had my first conversation with Michelle, it was like a breath of fresh air, and every conversation thereafter has been the same experience. Michelle walked me through every step and what to expect when making the move abroad. I  have a school-age child, and it is a bonus that Michelle and I have that in common because she is guiding me through getting my son situated with school and activities. More importantly, I love her down-to-earth spirit and how relatable she is. I would say that it’s not easy to pick up and move aboard, but being able to work with Michelle to help guide us through the process is priceless. I am still in my moving phase and will arrive in San Miguel shortly, but I plan to still consulate with Michelle even after we arrive. 

Letitia Howard, May 2021

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