Are you A Brown & Black Person/Family Looking To Make A BLAXIT?

If you are planning an exit, chances are you are searching online for expats / B

laxit guides, this may be because you want to ensure you are not missing out on anything or probably because you have no idea about it. Either way, here is an expat’s guide to Blaxit, for afro Americans planning to exit life in the US and move abroad. Secure a U.S. mailing address Although this depends on the country you are moving to, it’s always ideal to secure a U.S. mailing address as it can often be challenging to get mail while living abroad. It helps to set-up as many things electronically as well. You can ask a close relative or a friend you trust to be your official mailbox when you move abroad. It is very important that you have one, even if the country you are moving to has a reliable mail delivery system. This is because for most government services and companies an American mailing address is a must have, even if the mailing address is not your official residence. You can also opt to use a post office, however, for a quick response, having someone present to check your mails is the best option.

Unlock Your Smartphone For afro Americans planning to move abroad, it is advisable for you to ask your provider to unlock your phone so you use the local SIM in the country you are moving to. This is less expensive as opposed to the roaming charges you’ll pay if you move abroad.

Triple check visa requirements Before moving abroad make sure you inspect and triple check the visa requirements of the country you are moving to. Make sure you are clear about the regulations, this will help avoid the possibility of being hassled at the Airport. Make copies of your passport and make sure a family member or 2 have copies on hand. Also have extras that you travel with as well. I usually put extra copies of my passport in my carry on for the whole family.

Setup a Google US number Before exiting the US make sure you transfer your existing US number to Google voice, that way you can retain your number, but take advantage of more economic phone plans in your country of choice, but this way you can continue receiving calls on your phone when you move abroad.

Get enough Items you love and know you won’t be able to get elsewhere Moving abroad is all about gaining new experiences, however there are often

items/products that you can’t live without. It is totally ok to stock up on products you love and use, considering that you probably won’t be able to get them abroad.

Have a stash of US Dollars for Emergencies & back up credit card It is recommended that you have a stash of United States dollars, this will be your safety net in case of an unexpected occurrence. Considering that the US dollars is a globally preferred currency you can easily exchange your US dollars for local currency. Additionally have a back up credit card that you Do Not use regularly in case the one you do is lost, stolen or has an issue. This way you will have one on hand if needed. Additionally, invest in a safe for all your important paperwork, valuables and money. Especially for those who will utilize the services of housekeepers, contractors, etc.

Set up 2FA to your new phone number, and your email too It is important to set up two-factor authentication to your new number so you don’t lock yourself out of your accounts when you try to sign in abroad. Most times when you try to login your social accounts from a different location other than your usual one, it can raise an internal security alert. However, if you have your 2FA set up to your new number you can easily confirm your identity and login your accounts. Personal experience: Fortunately, we haven’t had any mishaps since moving abroad, however I’ve heard many stories about individuals having a wallet or purse stolen with all their important paperwork inside. I highly recommend, NOT carrying your passport and all your credit cards with you on a regular basis. I have a US wallet and a Mexican wallet. Both contain very different things and safeguard against theft and loss. We have a U.S. mailing address which comes in handy for many things. Most recently, voting in the 2020 elections. Banking abroad can be a challenge, however having a U.S. number makes things easier to handle. Having a U.S. number helps in many faucets, however obtaining a local plan is very easy on the pockets. Our U.S. phones cost us $200US a month when in San Miguel we can get that same plan, with an ATT Mexico company with unlimited text and calling within the US, Canada and Mexico for about $200 for the year... Can’t beat that! Need more info on moving abroad? Book your Free 15 min consultation or a full appointment to have a plan customized to your expat journey.

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