Expat Life: Challenges & Difficulties

It is no headline that The United states of America, a nation known for its great privilege, wealth and power no longer feels like home for a substantial amount of black people, and that is if it ever truly did feel like one. Truth is, being born in the United States of America does not make you an American. To escape US racism, most black people are exiting US to live abroad. However, migrating to another country can be an uphill task, in this article we will outline some of the challenges and difficulties black expats face when living abroad.

Language Barrier

One of the common challenges black expats face is language barrier, when you exit America to a country that speaks a different language, adjusting and making friends with the locals of that country can be unnerving. As you already know, communication is important. When planning your BLAXIT, we recommend you learn and acquire a basic and conversational level of the language spoken in the country you want to migrate to, this will facilitate the process of settling in and make it less daunting.

Inadequate Support

Leaving America to live abroad means you are leaving behind all your friends, co-workers and most times, your immediate family members. These are people who often provide you support when you need it. Migrating to another country means that they won’t be there to provide support when you need it. Living without the support of your loved ones and people you are familiar with can make your early stay abroad a tad bit difficult. Although you can always reach out to them and enjoy some face-to-face time via Messenger, WhatsApp, and Zoom. However, most times it is not enough, compared to one on one interaction.

Financial stress

As stated earlier, migrating to a new country is no easy task, and one of the challenges black expats face when living abroad is financial stress. This can be as a result of inefficient finance planning, or the inability to get a decent job that pays well. Before making the decision to start an expat life we recommend that you plan your finances beforehand and make sure you have enough money to get you going, this way you can live a stress-free expat life.

Fitting In

Most black expats have the fear of not fitting in or being accepted in a new country, this is more so when there are very few people who look like us in this new country. Fitting in can also be tough for children, as they have to leave their friends and people they know behind, to a foreign country. Having to deal with a different culture, viewpoints, and attend a new school where they have to make new friends. Fear not; it takes some time to fully adjust and feel accepted. We recommend you do your research and be sure that the locals of the country you are moving to are friendly and very welcoming.

Other key challenges expats face living abroad include being viewed as a second-class citizens as we are always treated as the minority in most countries.

These challenges are not meant to discourage you, but to keep you informed so you can properly prepare and plan your blaxit.

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