Making The Decision To Move Abroad: Owning and Executing Your Plan

Are you planning a blaxit or in the process of making the decision to move abroad? Well, the fact that you are reading this article means that you are probably planning towards it. Moving abroad –for whatever reason you want do it– can be the best decision you’ll ever make, but making the decision to move abroad is not easy. Leaving the life you are accustomed to, and your friends to move to another country can be a frightening thought. However it doesn’t have to be. In this article we will share with you some tips on how you can own and execute your plan of moving abroad when you get cold feet. Ask yourself Why You Want to Move Abroad Often times simply asking “Why?” is all you need rejuvenate your decision of moving abroad, asking yourself this question will not only help you feel a tad bit light hearted about your decision, but it will also help to understand the purpose behind your decision. For instance, as a black American, if you are moving abroad to escape racism and live a peaceful better life abroad ask yourself: Why do I want this? Will this country I’m moving to provide me a peaceful and better life?

Similarly, if you make the decision to move abroad just for the international experience, then you should ask yourself why you want to move to that country and what you will benefit from moving to that country. If you have a travel coach then you’ll know the power behind this simple question and how it can give you a valid reason to own and execute your plan of moving abroad. Often times, making the decision to move abroad can be difficult due lack of clarity as to why you want to do it, and what you stand to achieve from going through with your decision. In summary: Be clear on why you want to abroad and you will feel more confident about your decision. Research and execute your plan After figuring out the reasons why, the next thing to do is to research your options. Most times cold feet and doubts we have about our decision to move abroad stems from our lack of information about the country we are moving to and the options we have. In this case, the importance of research cannot be overly emphasized, research more about the country you want to move to, the culture, their standard of living and the native language. Also try to reach out to people who are living in this country or people who used to live there and ask them about their experience living there, gather all the essential information, so you have a thorough insight on what it’s like to live there and decide if it’s the ideal place for you.

This step is very important and would determine how easy it’ll be for you to adapt and settle in when you finally move in. Once you have conducted a thorough research you’ll most likely be more confident about your decision to move abroad, then you can proceed to prepare and execute your plan. Make sure you are aware of the challenges expats face living abroad so you can better prepare yourself to move abroad.

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