Preparing Your Kids To Move Abroad

When planning an exit with your family, you’ll get an array of feelings; eagerness, excitement, anxiety, frustration and confusion. Your children are not excluded from feeling all these emotions too. Moving abroad as a solo expat is a challenge on its own, but as a black parent, moving abroad with children, it's even more challenging. However, if you're properly prepared, moving abroad can be an advantage to your kids. Research has shown that expat children are very likely to grow into confident adults with adjustable and enhanced social skills compared to children who don't move abroad. Expat children are also more tolerant and accustomed to multicultural differences, which is a valuable trait in a progressively diverse world. Adequately preparing your kids to move abroad is really important, and here are 5 actionable tips to help black American parents prepare their kids to move abroad. Let them be involved Although the final decision to move abroad is yours, if you have kids that are older you should also allow them have some inputs, allow them to be involved in the planning and researching process. More often than not, moving abroad is something that happens to a child, instead of it being a process that involves a child. Give them a chance to ask questions, and let them know more about the country you are moving to, and share the intentions for moving abroad with them. Prepare them for language barriers When planning to move abroad with your children, one of the most imperative things to do is to help them learn the local language of the country you are moving to, teach them basic salutations and how to introduce themselves in the language. This will lead them to easily adjusting and make new friends in the country. Also Read: Tips for Raising A Bilingual Kid Emotional Preparation As adults we can block out all the array of feelings and emotions we do not want to think about and channel our focus on the planning process of moving abroad. However this is not the same for kids, they do not often have the ability to block out their anxieties and fears like adults do. Children’s emotions are their driving force and it can change very quickly. When planning a blaxit, you should also make sure to prepare your child to be emotional ready for the move, talk to them about the move, ask them how they feel and answer their questions. Ensuring your child is emotionally prepared for the move will save from a lot of stress down the road. Help them stay in contact with their friends Friendships are important, and one of the best way to prepare your child for the move abroad is to promise you’ll help them stay in contact with their friends. Depending on age suitability, reach out to their friend’s parents and exchange social media details. Although most children under the age of 12 are unable to sustain a long distance friendship for a long time, however knowing that they are able to stay in touch will make it a tad bit easy to move. Explore your new surroundings Preparing your child for moving abroad does not end when you finally move. After moving abroad try to create time and explore the new surroundings with your kids so they can easily adapt and feel more safe and comfortable in their new environment. Researching the education options and also choosing the right neighborhood are additional tips you should employ when preparing to move abroad with your children.

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