To Ship or Not To Ship?

To ship or not to ship? This is the bothersome question most afro Americans face about their belongings when planning to exit life in the US and move abroad. Making the decision to move abroad is no easy one, and with it comes another difficult decision as to whether you should bring all your belongings or not. In this article we will share some tips, advice and insights to help afro Americans make the best decision on whether to ship or not to ship when exiting US to live abroad. More often than not most people moving abroad will opt to sell most of their belongings because they want to avoid the hassle of moving furniture and sorting items, then they to start over from scratch when they move abroad. For me personally that’s a YIKES! Though moving abroad is mostly to start a new life and get new experience, shipping your furniture and other items to your new host country gives a sense of home and provides more comfort. Furthermore, the bliss of unpacking the items, rediscovering it all, and arranging these items in a new country is unmatched! In that moment you get that feeling of home. Making the decision to take all personal belongings would have been easy if we could cast a spell and magically teleport everything to our new host country. However that’s not within the realm of possibility (or is it? ) Well, if moving your belongings is up your street here is some insight to help you decide. Misconceptions about Shipping Abroad Most afro Americans often conclude that shipping items to the new country they are moving to will be expensive. Although this may be true, starting from scratch and buying new items is also expensive and time-intensive. Shipping items via conventional ways is probably poposterous until you got it like that i.e. Fedex, DHL, etc. Join FB groups for the city and place you are interested in moving to to find out tried and tested movers and moving companies. There is a wealth of information in these types of groups and always someone who has already done it. Additionally, many people will ask for help for pay for someone to bring things back from their home country to new country. Note: be sure it is someone you trust. Do your research for best options. Deciding when to ship or not to ship

Before deciding to ship your belongings here are some questions you should ask yourself. How long are you staying abroad? If you are planning to stay abroad for a short period of time, maybe a year, then you should not waste money in moving the items. Is it a temporary move that may lead to a permanent stay? Most afro Americans decide to do a test run and move to a new country for some time to determine whether they should move there permanently. If you are not hundred percent sure of a permanent stay in the country you are moving to, then you should do a test run and be certain before shipping your belongings. This will save you the cost of having to return them, if things doesn’t go as planned. Should you Really Bring these Items? Before deciding to ship or not ship you should make sure all the items you are bringing are really want you need, especially if you’ll likely not get them in the country you are moving to. Moving abroad can be the perfect opportunity to finally get rid of that old dusty sofa and other old items you’ve kept in your attic for years. Where are you moving to? Another thing to consider before shipping your items, is the nature of the law and jurisdictions in the country you are moving to as they often vary greatly. This way you can avoid custom issues. Once you have decided you want to ship your items do the packing and prepare your items for shipping, however, if you choose not to that’s also great. The good thing about starting from scratch is that you “get out there” to source for everything you need. When you go out to search for new things to buy, you can learn more about your new city or town’s layout in the process. In this process you can also discover other cool locations like museums, art galleries and cute restaurants. Hopefully this article will help you decide and answer your to ship or not to ship question. Personal Experience: We major downsized our homes in the U.S. and minimized to what we needed, couldn’t live without and wanted to make our new home abroad feel homey and cozy. Once that process began, I researched for months for a shipping company to get our things from the U.S. to Mexico. I knew I didn’t want to start over, also I didn’t want to live in a pre-furnished home with unfamiliar things. I’m super particular and wanted it to feel like a familiar space in a foreign country. It was the best decision for our family. HOWEVER, I’ve seen both and many people enjoy the process of starting fresh and new in a new place with a new surrounding exterior and interior. I get it! Need help making your ship or not to ship call?

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